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October 28, 2019


A Russian security researcher said she accidentally found a way to hack and take over all Xiaomi pet feeders located across the world.

(Thanks to Dave N.)


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Ms. Prosvetova,
I read your article with interest. I believe we have a lot in common and could do great and interesting things working together. BTW, even more so if you are single. Let's visit.

Well, I guess we all know what the Commies will take over next!
Yes, that's right!
Our garage door openers !

I suspect that the cats could probably hack just about any system they want. Getting them to collaborate with the dog who has a bit of a food problem is highly unlikely. I think we're safe

For now.

The internet of all things is getting out-of-control.

Next, they will hack our TV remotes, then our coffee makers.
What's next? Our garage door openers?

I never even heard of these things before, but somehow now I desperately need one.


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