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October 29, 2019


During the fight, Martinez allegedly grabbed a crucifix from the wall and socked her mother in the head with it, according to the report.

(Thanks to Doug Ogg)


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We all have our crosses to bear...

She's going to be assigned A LOT of "Our Fathers" at her next confession.

"Your honor, it was self defense. Mom grew two huge fangs and started hissing so I did the only thing anyone could have done when attacked by a vampire."

Was it a right cross, or a left cross?

Trivia: 45 years ago today was the "Thrilla in Manila" where Muhammad Ali defeated Joe Frasier.

Geezer bus passes to those who remember to "float like a butterfly".

I still miss hearing Howard Cosell's voice on Wide World of Sports.

Arriving on track one, express straight to Hell for mister Martinez.

I see her winning boxing championships if whe gets a left hook to go with her right cross.

Someone has made a handsome down payment on a private lagoon in the Lake of Fire.

PirateBoy: "And sting like a bee!"

Mother, you think I'm cross? I'll show you "cross".

This maneuver is recommended during exorcism. It works every time.

PB, I'll claim one of those passes, and do an imitation of old Howard saying, "Cassius Clay, or Muhammad Ali, as you will!"

PirateBoy, pogo, when I was in college, Cosell came to speak there. He actually was a large man, big-shouldered. But he had this little tiny head, so it made for a very odd appearance.

Very interesting guy. As a Texan, I found him difficult to listen to, but I actually sort of liked Ol' Hah'rd (as Don Meredith said it).

Around that time there was a boxer/wrestler in Australia who used
“Dance like an elephant, hit like a bus”

All, I remember Howard Cosell. I had a cousin who would do a pretty good impersonation of him. Cosell and Dandy Don announcing Monday Night Football: he could go all the way.

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