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October 07, 2019


The University of Kansas apologized for its risque Late Night at the Phog event in which rapper Snoop Dogg performed, stripper poles were wheeled onto the Allen Fieldhouse floor and fake money was shot over the heads of prospective recruits.

(Thanks to Asher Scheiner)


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Best. Frat. Party. Ever.

Way to go, Jayhawks.

Heck, the students probably saw all that at one of the local bars before going to the basketball arena.

The 47-year-old rapper and well-known sports fan was expected to take the minds of players, fans and recruits off the specter of the NCAA investigation and turn attention fully to a season in which the Jayhawks are expected to be title contenders.
Mission Accomplished at taking people's minds off the NCAA investigation!

And probably adding another item to be investigated by the NCAA.

No problem with sexism at KU. Nope. None at all.

On the other hand, Snoop may have found the only way to make basketball interesting.

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