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October 10, 2019


Cows painted like zebras fend off flies better, study says

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Who gnu? That's some quality reporting, what with the mock-diagram of a cow.

I may try this with my next backcountry hike.

Wouldn't it be easier just to give them all their own personal fly swatter?

It was nice of them to label the body and legs, otherwise how would anyone know what they were called ?

@wanderer - are you going to paint stripes on some random cows?

Tarzan stripes forever.

@Qaz -- no, I meant I'll paint stripes on myself. Might be better than dousing myself in DEET.

@Wanderes - good idea, unless the bears will think that a zebra is an easy meal.

@nc: It may also be easier to give them all showers.

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