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October 08, 2019


German police have revealed that hundreds of electric scooter users lost their driving licenses after riding while drunk at the Oktoberfest beer festival in Munich.

(Thanks to Doug Ogg)


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Since apparently nobody can ride these things without injuring themselves anyway, I'm not sure being under the influence would endanger anybody any more than usual.

Most people here who've lost their driver's licenses for DUI's drive mopeds. I've always thought that if I drank, and lost my license, I'd buy some bicycle shorts and a bicycle. That way people would just think I was working out.

That's a staggering development.

Cindy, a friend of mine did just that. Lost his license, and rode a bike everywhere. He liked it except for two things. One was, predictably, bad weather. The other was the fact that cars were always hitting him. He had a couple of occasions where he woke up in the ER not realizing he'd been hit.

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