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October 28, 2019


Baseball Fan Takes Home Run Ball To The Chest To Avoid Dropping His Beers

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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I respect beer, but that's a good way to stop your heart.

That is one committed person. He sure know his beers and their worth.

The value of a home run baseball varies, but beer is priceless.

Oh, he was holding Bud Light beers?---nevermind.

Best play of the night made by someone affiliated with the Nationals.

But had it been Springer's homer, it might have killed the guy.

I could see Anheiser/Busch making a commercial with this guy as the star.

Stadium beer's expensive. You can always get a new nipple.

LeDud, once again life imitates you. A-B put one up last night. And in this guy's defense, they may have been Bud Lights, but they were $12 Bud Lights. At least.

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