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October 08, 2019


Astronauts could grow own meat in space

(Thanka to Eric Y)


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.. cells were taken from cows .. the small-scale muscle-tissue was placed under zero-gravity conditions and assembled in a 3D bioprinter

All I can think of is Lucy doing the Vitameatavegemin commercial -
"It's so tasty, too!"

shuffles back to the geezer bus

And now..... PIGS IN SPACE!!!

fist bumps Ralph Thanks, buddy.

So, they don't need that stuff the spammers are always trying to sell me?

I don't know about y'all, but I'm not eating any damn steak from a printer.

Why did I think of Playboy type mags?

Vegans in Space sounds like another bad movie. However, things could improve according to Wednesday Addams.

"Would you like some vegan burgers? They're made from real vegans."

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