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October 06, 2019


Florida woman leads police on hours-long chase through Big Lots ceiling after allegedly trying to shoplift

(Thanks to David Knight, Le Petomane and John Lobert)


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Rejected script for " The Untouchables. "

Besides ordering her to write out 'I am an idiot' 2000 times on a legal pad, the judge should order to crawl around on her hands and knees while performing several hundred hours of community service. The movie is about to be released. We can only hope this action packed Big Lots 'worm' scene was not cut.

Dye Hard

I see Bruce Willis and Kevin Hart. And Rebel Wilson as the shoplifter.

Six hours?!

Jack Bauer would've secured the perimeter, Chloe would've gotten those schematics, and Jack would've started shooting the ceiling to end it in 40 minutes (allowing 20 minutes for scheduled commercial messages).

An hours long police chase through the ceiling of a Big Lots. Just how big IS that building?

THE CHASE--An action filled movie where Florida Woman's incontinent beloved poodle is kidnapped by drug dealers. To get her dog back she has to recover a "package" hidden in the ceiling of a local store. Things go sour when a janitor sees her climb into the ceiling and calls police.

Will Florida Woman get her dog back or will this tale end doggone badly?

Le Pet: tongues (and tails) will be wagging.

Maybe she had heard women are breaking the
Glass Ceiling and she was giving it a try.

They were able to track her movements from below, by following her as she hummed the "Mission Impossible" theme song.

Use the air ducts! That always works in the movies.

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