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October 29, 2019


The Alien of Ariake Sea – Japan’s Xenomorph-Like Delicacy

(Thanks to Ralph)


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" It’s apparently a very flavorsome treat that gets tastier the more you chew on it. "

That's what my dog says about his squeaky toys.

The Japanese have always had some, uh...interesting...ideas about what constitutes "tasty".

I'll stick to Klingon gagh, thank you.

Do you (not me I assure you) eat them like craw fish?
That is, pull off the head and suck out the brains?

I had a mother-in-law who grew these fish in her koi pond. She used them as an ingredient in neck bone soup.

I generally don't eat things that look like they can bite me back.

You know, after they dry them out and bundle them up in a plastic bag, they... are even more disgusting.

The Japanese have a life expectancy of 83.7 years, longest in the world. The US number is 77.8 years, good for 37th spot (tied with Albania). Maybe they know something we don’t?

Good Lord these things are right in my neighborhood and I never heard of them. Gotta get me some warasubo pronto. Thanks for the info!
Yes they do look a bit frightening but not nearly as frightening as the inside of an oyster.

These would make great Halloween treats.

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