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October 11, 2019


Springfield, Mo. police enforce dog poop cleanup with flags

(Thanks to pharmaross and Doug Ogg)


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Jerry Seinfeld said that we train our dogs to not poop in the house. We train them to only poop outside, on a walk. Then, when they poop outside, what do we do? We pick it up and bring it back home, where we throw it away. This must be very confusing and frustrating to our dogs. "You know, I could have just pooped in the house and saved you the trouble!"

This may shame the dog, but I'm guessing the sarcasm is entirely lost on the human.

"No, it's my dog's. But if you're really interested in one from me, I'll do my best to oblige."

"Who's on Turd?"

"This is a nudge to pick up the fudge" 'cuz here come da judge.*
*geezer alert

Springfield, Mo. authorities should have checked to see how well putting up signs reading; 'Is this your turd?'and 'A nudge to pick up the fudge' worked out in San Francisco before before ordering all of those signs.

K-9 units were exempted from the search

If my poop math is correct that comes out to $5.77 to pick up a pound of poop, or $144.23 per week to pick up 25 pounds of poop. But I've always been crappy at math.

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