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October 22, 2019


Bag of snakes brings new library policy in Madison County

(Thanks to Not My Usual Alias)


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She admits she "took a step back" when he dumped the live snakes on a desk in front of her? I would have reacted the same way except while stepping back I would have grabbed a gun and then blown his little friends into snake like pieces.

Many years ago, my nephews (6 & 4 years old) were visiting.
They decided to show me their plastic snake collection (roughly 30 pounds of realistic plastic ones).
Very nice" I said. "why don't show go upstairs and show them to your aunt” I harmlessly suggested.
They went upstairs and two minutes later I heard a blood curdling scream from the kitchen.
That’s when I first found out my wife was not a snake person.
The snakes were then banished to the car for the duration of the visit.

I like the effort to identify one critter as a seeing eye snake.

Didn't Bag O'Snakes open for Ozzy?

Emotional support snakes--yeah, that's the ticket!
Or not.

Rintinglen--I am told the real downside of using snakes for support or seeing eye purposes is keeping a harness on the critter.

"When you buy Johnny Bag of Glass, you get Bag Of Snakes at half price this Christmas!"

Lots of us are proud of our snakes.

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