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October 08, 2019


Today we celebrate the day, in 1980, when this young man was born.



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Happy Birthday, Rob!

Happy Birthday, Rob! You grew up great, despite your dad's influence (Har!)
Enjoy your last year in the "30's".

P.s. - Did your dad ever pay you for all the times he mentioned you in his books and columns? You may have some compensation coming.

Happy Birthday, Rob!

Best wishes, Rob, from your Auntie MOTW.

Happy Hawley-Smoot, Rob!

As well as every other major event in American history.

Happy birthday, Rob!

Happy Birthday, Rob!

Is that a Tesla Model W?

Revenge of the Dorks .. enjoy

Happy Birthday Rob!

This is what two Pulitzer Prizes look like!

How does Rob play this forward to embarass his own son? Show up at his school in a car that uses a key in the ignition? Or uses a key to unlock the door?

Hey Rob! Have you picked out the rest home for your Dad yet?

Doug, I would suggest listening to oldies radio station, and
singing with Van Morrison on Brown Eyed Girl:
Sha la la la la la la la la la la te DAH (just like that)

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