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October 08, 2019


Palm City man accused of enticing alligator to bite him, pouring beer in its mouth

(Thanks to Allen at Division and pharmaross)


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This is why you shouldn't date out of species

Glad to see he followed nursecindy's rule and claimed he had two beers, but wasn't drunk, no sir.

Alert the Darwin Awards people to stand by.

Wow. A two-fer.

1. He must not have liked his arm that much. Maybe he was looking for a cheap tattoo removal or something.

2. He must have been drinking bad beer. I would never give good beer to somebody as unappreciative of it as an alligator.

Gnarly beard, dude. It really makes him look like he's ten years younger than 27 .. as do his lame-brained actions.

So true, Jeff. I asked a highway patrolman once why drunks always said they'd only had two beers. He told me it was because they knew I wouldn't believe they'd only had one and three sounded like too many.
I would also like to add this is what happens when you give a gator a Bud Lite.

Surprising that the guy did that. After all, beer makes you smart.

It made Bud Wiser.

Believe me, there isn't much to do in Martin County, but even by the usual standards, these two are morons.

Man walks into a bar with an alligator.

Customer asks: "Do you serve lawyers?

Bartender says:"Of course."

Man says: "Great, I'll have a beer and my alligator will have a lawyer."

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