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October 11, 2019


Wildlife officials warn public to kill ‘land-dwelling’ fish on sight

(Thanks to Not My Usual Alias)


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I saw LDF open for Sonny & Cher.

I think they should expand that to water-dwelling snakes. Spiders too.

Yeah, it's such a foolproof animal control method that the species is spreading all throughout the eastern USA.


Kill da snake fish ♪
Kill da snake fish ♪
Kill da snake fish ♪

Duck season! Wabbit season!
LDF season - FIRE!

Using this as a legal precedent, perhaps we could get The Squirrels added to the same hit list.

Officer: Why did you shoot your neighbor?
Detainee: I thought he was a fish.

Stop evolution in its tracks.

Let's not rush into this. We need to hear from PETA first.

Sushi that walks itself to your table? It could be the next big thing! We should promote that along with Kentucky Fried Iguana, Nutria coats and Boa boots.

Three fish in a tree.
Fish in a tree?
How can that be?

-Dr. Suess

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