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October 29, 2019


A girlfriend was teaching her boyfriend how to drive when the car sank into a pond Sunday evening, according to the West Des Moines Fire Department.

(Thanks to Rudolph)


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Driving AND boating

Doubtless there will be jokes made about the folly of letting a woman driver teach somebody else to drive.

Not that I'd make such jokes, you understand....

Those dang ponds, you never know one will just pop up.

I don't see nursecindy yet so .. SMACKS Rod!

@ImNotDave .. that's the way I read that headline too.

Ditto for me. Women drivers. Please no snacking...wait....

This sort of thing happens up here most summers. The woman always explains that the last time she drove on the pond it was frozen solid. No matter, the sheriff always tell them they're sunk.

I had a NH captain's license before I had a driver's license. One advantage of learning to drive a boat first is that they have no brakes, so you don't rely on them. They should have thrown out the anchor.

nursecindy is out of town at her aunt's funeral. I am similarly away from home, in Dallas for a convention, and FREEZING. Who knew Texas would be more than a dozen degrees COLDER than New York?

I didn't know you had to get a license to be a Marine. I thought you just had to survive basic training.

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