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September 13, 2019


Missing woman "finds herself" after intense search

This is wonderful:

When she returned to the bus in a different outfit, the rest of her tour group did not recognize her. Then when a description of the "missing person" was offered - Asian, in dark clothing and speaks English well - the woman seemingly also did not recognize the description as of herself,  so she began to assist the others in searching.

(Thanks to Not My Usual Alias)


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The story is from 2012. She hasn't been missing fro a long time.

"I'm Lost. I've gone to look for myself.
If I should return before I get back, PLEASE ask me to wait."

The woman later told reporters, "I went on this trip hoping to find myself, and eventually, I did."

At least it wasn't like that funny sword and sandal movie where everyone thought they were Spartacus. " I am Asian lady ! " No, " I am Asian lady ! " How pathetic would have that have been ?

They all look alike.

Writer's embelllishment (I am thinking to call this 'bloggers' embellishment.)

This afternoon my schedule looks like this (this is absolutely true folks, I am not making this up.)

1:45 Take Pre Treatment diagnostic workup, Patient name: Natalie Hor.

3:00 Diagnostic Pre Treatment workup, Patient name: Thy, Thanu.

I think Natalie Hor is the sister o Sindy Hor who I took up a work up on some years ago. I probably can't tell the difference.

I once did a work up on a woman named So Phat.

Iceland contains Walter's favorite museum.


A guy from here in Flathead County went on a quest to find himself. Some people claim when he did find himself, he felt it was a bad mistake and has kept looking for his real self ever since. Anyway, no one has seen him for a while.

I always thought "finding oneself" was something rather more existential.

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I bet this has been blogged before. If so, Judi will be fired, of course.

Spare us the racist comments. It reflects poorly on Dave, and everyone who loves this place.

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