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September 10, 2019


You thought wrong.

(Thanks to Rod Nunley)


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What the what?!?!?!

Asymmetric - A word often used by Millennials in place of the 60's term 'those pants are are so cock man'.

This must be intended for the seriously indecisive consumer.

The reviews on that page are great! These jeans remind me of the mullet haircut. Business on the right side and party on the left side. There is no way I'd pay almost $500 for a pair of jeans either.

This technique was already demonstrated by Lucy, as well as
just about every Home Ec junior high student from yesteryear.

Bwahahahahaha! Good one.

When you need help looking like you slept under a bridge all night.

Finally someone has addressed the fashion needs of chimeras.

Well I do stand corrected.

And of course, the most amazing part of this is that somebody is buying them.

Let's just hope this only came about because the manufacturer made a big mistake.

"Nobody ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American public"...H L Mencken

Should have a sandal on the left foot and a cowboy boot on the right.

Will Denis Leary have to cut his rant on bell bottoms in half?

Clankie--A man with a big mullet, wearing a pair of these jeans, a red, high-heel sandal on one foot and a cowboy boot on the other walks into a Texas roadhouse..

If anyone sees this dude, he needs to phone home. His mommy is concerned.

Le Petomane I think the bigger question is if a guy like that walks into a Texas roadhouse will he be able to walk out without any help or medical treatment?

Cindy and Le Pet, it's not quite as extreme as Le Pet's description, but when I lived in Galveston, I once saw a guy on the seawall who looked about 65, 6-foot-2 or so and no more than 140 pounds sopping wet with a rock in his pocket, wearing Bermuda shorts, cowboy boots, and a straw hat that looked like he'd run over it a few times by accident. That was it.

Of course, in Galveston, he didn't necessarily stand out as something unusual. Galveston's rather different from the rest of Texas.

The really scary part is there are actual living people who will buy these and think they are something special. They live among us. Arrrggghhhh

Another word for stupid

It's the perfect gift for stalkers.

This is a boon to con men: it immediately differentiates between normals and morons with money, otherwise known as marks.

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