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September 29, 2019


The man who's charged with shooting marbles and rocks into his neighbor's home and camper told Tacoma police officers he'd been awake for three weeks and took a "fighting stance" against his cat when it rubbed against his leg.

(Thanks to B'game)


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Isn't the gold glitter an important part of this story?

I felt a little intimidated when the Blog asked if I knew about the 5G and I didn't. I couldn't hear it and the Blog seemed to know I could. Then I read the story and realized everything was Ok.

Either this story is a couple years old, or it is from a different space/time dimension. This year, September 27 was a Friday.

@Nancy Gill: The editor hadn't slept in three weeks, and the writer was looking at a 2017 calendar.

N gill & INOTC -

This is Fox news, I Watch the morning edition (6:00AM).
It's amazing that a 'professional news service' can make so many mistakes.
Cueing up the wrong mics,
switching to the wrong person (with the correct mic), Switching a remote feed and showing a blank and or silent screen,
or a remote where the mics don't have wind guards (WHOOSH WOOOO)
And my favorite gripe, I'm watching the morning edition and then told to "tune in at eleven (PM) for further details".

Is that Glitter, Gary?

(GeezerBus tickets to those who get that reference)

People always blame the cat for everything.

You know the squirrels were directing the cat’s moves.

shooting marbles into his neighbor's window? sounds like he does not need to lose any of the supply he has.

In Florida, a guy like this would be Mayor.

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