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September 20, 2019


We demand the United States annex the Moon as the 51st state.

(Thanks to Asher Scheiner)


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Such demanding people...

It's like my brother and his wife said after their fourth child, "Sure, we've done a great job screwing up the ones we have now, what's one more?"

I assumed Disney is already looking into plans for a theme park there.

Dear Mr. Brain Dead Petitioner,

Since NOBODY lives there, who is going to vote for this? Who will be elected as Governor or Senator or Congressperson? You? I suggest you move there now and get started on your campaign.


The Non-Brainless

I love their slogan -- "Your Voice in the White House." I think these people are hearing too many voices, IYKWIM.

I'm always amused when these opinionated, action-oriented folks won't identify themselves beyond their initials. Yeah, that'll work for a petition.

We need to be the guardian of the Moon and its resources.

We need those rocks!

Anyway, these folks will have to wait in line. I am already advocating for Flathead County or the Golden Glades Interchange to be declared the 51st state.

Taco Bell is behind this push to annex the moon. They want the government to foot the bill so they can start mining and marketing green cheese...Uh,... this comment is under construction.

This would violate the provisions of the Outer Space Treaty, in which the US is a party, but why should that stop us?

We haven't honored a any treaty with an American Indian nation, and if we won't honor treaties with Americans, why should we care about anyone else?

Besides, there's Indian land up there to turn into a nuclear waste dump.

Clearly an idea whose time has come. The obstacle Ralph points out can be handled by a new treaty. We'll take the moon, but abandon Antarctica to everybody else.

There are plenty of space cadets down here to represent it in Congress.

I found several in to document that should be attended to:
1- the moon is an cold airless rock - how will you fix this?
2- the moon hos 1/10 the gravity of earth - extended time in low gravity will cause muscle deterioration.
3- One half of the moons surface in in perpetual darkness.

Solution: I suggest that you colonize the sun - it's warm bright and gravity is not a problem. And we have plenty of old rockets you could use for this purpose.

The Human Race

Read the INCONSTANT MOON by Larry Niven. Good interesting SciFi short story...something that could happen.

Wow! "Governor of the Moon" would really impress women!

Greenland first!!!

When the realization you're on the moon
Slaps your mug like a big pizza pie
That really isn't amore
It's knowing you've been nutty as a loon

Moon over Uranus will be the state song
And make people wonder why they're there
Soaking up moonshine instead of rye
And deeply worry why they've stayed here so long

MoonPie deliveries should be faster since it would no longer be necessary to go through customs.

The people of Puerto Rico ask, What????

At least there’d be no problem with voter suppression.

Let's not just make it the 51st state, but also the nation's capital—so that we can send all the politicians there.

Wait a minute, dude... people are swarming Area 51 this week... the moon would be the 51st state.... IT'S ALL COMING TOGETHER! Whoa.

But is anyone asking the important questions? Will the Moon be an state in which firearms may be openly carried? Will it be a slave state or a free state? And who is going to build the wall to keep immigrants from landing?

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