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September 12, 2019


Researchers from Kent State University in Ohio have attempted to make a knife from frozen human faeces.

(Thanks to Mary Smith, who says "We're going to need more Nobel prizes.")


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Insert your "cut the cheese" joke here.

If this is successful, will they be making complete dinnerware sets in multiple patterns?

Great. Now I have this image of Mick Dundee saying, "That's not a knife" .. reaching into his pants and pulling out a feces spear .. "THIS is a knife."

This whole thing stinks!

It looks okay, but it cuts like $#!+

Now if only we could find a use for Kent State University (OHIO) researchers.

It works great in the winter, but turns to crap in the summer.

I believe MacGuyver tried this in an edited episode. The best he could come up with was a really crappy knife.

@ImNotDave - that’s THE OHIO to you.

I think we did that in 6th grade shop class.

In the spirit of earlier commenters, "Cut the crap!"

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