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September 09, 2019


Couple went on spending spree after accidental deposit of $120k in bank account, authorities say

State police say Robert and Tiffany Williams of Montoursville spent most of the money on items ranging from an SUV to a race car, according to WNEP.

At least they didn't waste it.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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My bank never makes mistakes like this! If it did the last thing I'd want to buy would be a race car.

Probably the fault of the person who greets by opening the door stating, "we are all out of shotguns, but we have some left handed stuff were giving away should you opening a new account."

Writer's embellishment: I had a girlfriend in college who asked me to take her to a sales meeting, may have involved real estate or time shares I have forgotten, where every attendee would receive a stereo. The stereo was of course a $2 transistor radio manufactured in the mentally incompetent part of China. To my amazement she listened to radio and considered it a victory. Duh. She was so excited about it the next time we got knives.

So my question to the blog guys, how many of you had a girlfriend in college who would do this to you but you fully understood because you were only into it for the sex.

The bank has had a record number of new accounts opened since this incident made the news.

According to Monopoly, if there's a " Bank error in your favor ", you can only collect $ 200.00.

Reminds me of the British soccer great who said he spent 90% of his money on wine, women, and song. Regretfully he said he wasted the other 10%.

"Honey, I can't balance the checkbook. I'm off $120,000. Did you forget to write in a deposit?"

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