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September 25, 2019


A man took LSD and fell in a lake at Disneyland Paris. He was found naked and confused hours later.

(Thanks to Alkali Bill, pharmaross and Doug Ogg)


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Did he fall " in " a lake or fall " into " a lake ? Come on, headline writers. It matters.

The French call this "performance art".

Heavy drinking or drug ingestion is the only way I would visit a Disney park.

When he was pulled out of the lake bystanders started singing, "It's A Small World After All".

After this dude took LSD, he got weird and then asked his girlfriend for sex. She told him to go jump in a lake.

Just another day in the life of the lizard king.

Clankie: Considering that this story is from France and the source was not a native English speaker, the distinction between "in" and "into" probably got lost in translation. Probably both if he ended up in the lake.

English prepositions are very confusing: burned up vs. burned down, closed up vs. closed in, working on vs working at, etc.

He was tripping balls. No preposition.

It's a small mind after all.

Clankie--There was a good book out a few years ago titled "Pandas eats shoots and leaves." Of course with misapplication of commas it reads: "Panda, eats, shoots and leaves" (and likely left no tip).
I was taught there are five rules to writing perfect English. The problem is, no one knows what they are.

Welcome to the Magic Kingdom

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