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September 10, 2019


McDonald's employee filmed choking, punching customer over alleged complaint about cold fries

Related: Two 20-year-olds from St. Augustine pulled into a Palm Coast McDonald’s drive-thru before dawn Monday and threatened the drive-thru cashier with a gun for giving them cold burgers, authorities said.

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McDonald's has a plan in motion to blast Dylan's The Times They Are a-Changin' with the hope of keeping customers out of their stores.

Evidently this customer has never worked in a public service job or he would know the customer isn't always right. However in this situation I have to side with him. There's nothing nastier than a cold McDonald's french fry. I'd also like to know why the worker wasn't charged with assault and put in jail.

You deserve a break (meaning your bones) today.

The handgun was believed to be a Davis and Dunn which closely resembles a Smith & Wesson .38 snubnose.

I didn't realize punch was on the menu.

That's-a no good. There's already too much assault onna they fries...

-Chico Marx

When this clerk left McDonald's at the end of shift a man in a gray suit met him in the parking lot.

"You're real scrapper," the man says.

"What's it too ya?" the clerk asks.

The man offers a business card.

"I'm from Chuck E. Cheese and we're always on the lookout for a few good employees of your caliber."

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