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September 11, 2019


Chimpanzee on the Loose in Santa Fe, Texas, Harassing Residents and Trying to Steal Cats

(Thanks to Ron Weil, Matt Filar and Doug Ogg)


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This sounds like a job for Lance Link, Secret Chimp
Agency to Prevent Evil (APE)

ducks between the seats on the geezer bus

"Bayou Animal Services are reportedly conducting the main search for the monkey."

What monkey? Is the ape chasing those too?


What did King Kong say when he fell off the skyscraper?
"Babe, I'm falling for you."

What do you call an exploding chimpanzee?
A baboom.

Who is a gorilla's favorite author?
John Steinbeck for "The Apes of Wrath."

I'll be here all week, please tip your server generously.

Santa Fe, Texas, is just a few miles down the road from Alvin, the home of the great pitcher Nolan Ryan. Some years ago, he had an encounter with snow monkeys in south Texas that he later related in a very funny story on the radio. Enjoy.


Trying to steal cats ? Sounds like ALF. (gets backs on the geezer bus with MOTW...)

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