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September 22, 2019


The investigation began Sept. 4 when a victim received a call from a person impersonating the IRS. The caller asked the victim to pay $2,200 in Target gift cards.

(Thanks to man tom)


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"Sure thing. Meet me at [address of the IRS office]."

Gift cards won't save you if it's really the IRS. You'll be whisked away in a black van in the middle of the night and no one will ever hear from you again.

Clanke - You're thinking of the NSA, the IRS take everything your family owns and 'relocate' you to third world hellhole.

When confronted with the potential prison time they were facing, both Lu and Lee were quick to produce their official IRS I.D. cards.

Official IRS I.D. card.

Sure, you can laugh, but if you watch the local news you'd be amazed at how many moronsgullible people fall for this every year.

This is sad, but so true, Jeff. Each day at the office for the past maybe six months, a caller calls and says we are going to turn off your electricity if you don't send the money now, or possibly a pre-paid card. Our receptionist has answered this call so many times and when we check the caller ID, the number is the actual Anaheim Public Utilities Department's number. When we contacted the city they said, yeah we know ignore them. There is nothing they can do for now to catch and arrest them. These people call us every day or at least several times a week. Our receptionist is soft spoken, so they must think she is an easy target. We stopped answering the phone months ago. Here is the official warning.

Yeah, the scammers are asking to be paid by pre-paid card.

We were driving home a couple of days ago and the phone in the briefcase in the back of the van kept ringing over and over, maybe a dozen times. When we got home it was the scammers posing as Anaheim utilities calling all those times. The number on the caller ID was that of the Anaheim Public Utilities Dept.

Oh, the ringing phone in the brief case had the office number call forwarded to it.

I got ten calls yesterday from my own home phone number! I answered the first one in case it was my future self wanting to warn me about something that was going to happen, you never know, and they said they were from Microsoft. I hung up and then blocked my own phone number. To all the scammers out there, I'm not just an ordinary idiot so stop it.

Cindy, I've gotten 10 calls on my cell phone from its own number before. This is worthy of the death penalty in my book.

man tom, many years ago I was awakened at about 2 in the morning by the phone. The caller said he was from the phone company, and that they were doing some testing, and my phone service might be out for a few hours. I groggily said OK and hung up. When I woke up in the morning I realized it had to have been a burglar trying to see who was and wasn't home. Since I was, he didn't break in.

Not a phone scammer but recently a young lady appeared at my door. She appeared to be selling candy for some organization. Now you need to know I no longer open the door to anyone I do not know, period, ever. I spoke to the woman through the door and asked her to speak up as I could not understand what she was saying. She became frustrated that I would not open my door. At one point she pressed by door bell again, kicking off a 5 second sequence of Westminster chimes. So that certainly helped our ability to communicate. I guess she thought the door bell worked like the television clicker; change the channel and maybe a more receptive person will come to the door. She said she could not speak any louder; yeah right. I finally invited her to leave; maybe I could have been more polite in my choice of words. She definitely heard me that time.

Marc, I believe I understand precisely what you are saying. I do certainly understand your point and your reasoning, don't open the door for anyone you don't know. We think like you. A recent addition to the front door of our home.

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