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September 26, 2019


A man suspected of repeatedly calling police on 999 and burping down the telephone at the emergency call handler has been arrested.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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He's now interviewing to become Flathead County's communications director.

999: "What's your emergency?"

Public Nuisance: "Bluuurrp."

999: "Ok, What is he wearing?"

Public Nuisance: "Bluuurrp."

999: "Ok, Does He have any guns or knives?"

Public Nuisance: "Blurrrp, Blurrrp, Blurrrp."

999: "Sir, talk to me, not the man confronting you. Sir. Sir. Sir, listen to me." "If you can not talk to me and stop pleading to the man with the gun to spare your life, I will end this call."

Public Nusiance: "Bluuurrp."

999: "We are really busy today, but I'll get an officer over there within the next three hours." *Blam* "Sir, Sir?" "I am ending this call, you are non responsive and refuse to stop gurgling and calling out 'air' to the man there with you."

Did Timmy fall down the well again?

999 operator: "Sir, this is an emergency number only and all you said is 'helf'. Quit being a public nuisance or you'll be in big trouble."

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