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September 09, 2019


Lad, 18, rushed to hospital 'after getting genitals stuck in belt sander'

(Thanks to DaninDallas and Peter M)


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If you are keeping score, belt sander 2, lad 0.

This lad shows the side effects of what can happen when you use too much toothpaste to grow penis size--and it works better than expected.

Belt sander for sale, cheap!

There is no way I want to click on that link. The tarantula link, either.

I've heard of criminals getting rubbed out but this takes it to a whole 'nother level.

Sorry to learn of his tool mishap.

He was just trying to cure rough sex.

I saw "Suspected Lacerations" open for "The Cutting Crew" back n the '80's.

Suspected lacerations

Sanding away with me

Common sandpaper grits:

220 grit (medium sanding)

400 grit (light sanding)

1500 grit (polishing)

True grit (anything to do with sanding genitals)

Aren't you supposed to take your belt off before sanding it??

And he wasn't even racing it.

His tool was metal?

smooth move

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