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September 10, 2019


Technicolor squirrels.

(Thanks to Catherine)


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That store he ate his way into wasn't a Kroger, but a Sherwin Williams.

What wine goes with technicolor?

I'm pretty sure this has already been blogged. :-(

Oh crap, I think it's war paint.

It's just for the parade.

Drink a few shots of cheap Mexican tequila. When you leave the cantina, many people see giant technicolor squirrels.

Le Pet, that reminds me of one night when my best friend plied me with tequila shots at Billy Bob's. What I didn't realize was that he started me off with the great stuff, and with each one, went progressively down toward the battery acid-quality stuff.

When I took him home that night, I nearly backed over a fire hydrant trying to get out of his driveway.

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