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September 27, 2019


'Bong' misheard as 'bomb' prompts evacuation at Florida high school

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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"There's a clear difference between the two."

Uh, yes there is. Maybe it's time for that hearing test.

Did the student have a gub?

The school needs to toss the bum.

"No, the situation prompted an 'evacuation' not an 'ejaculation'. If you think about it there is a clear difference between the two.

911 Operator--Sir, you claim to have information there's a backpack bomb?"

Inspector Clouseau--"Operator, it's a bimb."

911 Operator--"There's a bimbo with a backpack bomb?"

Inspector Clouseau--"No, operator, it's backpack with a bimb."

911 Operator--"Sir, you are becoming a public nuisance. Now, what exactly is a 'bimb?"

---Peter Sellers would have kept this going for pages.

"Hello, this is Peter Sellers."

"We don't need any."

"A bong is a tool used to smoke tobacco or marijuana.."

Has anyone used a bong to smoke regular tobacco?

Just the extra special tobacco.

Wacky something-or-other... memory hazy.

I tried to be the cool Dad with my college-aged son. I was cool with him going to his brother's house to pick up weed. Turns out he was picking up the Wii.

Makes playing Mario Brothers a lot easier with the right item

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