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September 25, 2019


A herd of spotted cows made a late-night visit to Spotted Cow brewery

(Thanks to Jay Brandes and Allen at Division)


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FYI, Spotted Cow is a very tasty beer. :)

They were seeking an endorsement deal.

Then Sam Adams staggered by and threw up in the driveway.

It stands to reason that Spotted Cow Brewery would also start selling Spotted Cow beef jerky.
So--what's the problem?

"Our brewery is up on a hill, so I don't know how they got up here. It's the craziest thing," Cochrane said.

They hoofed it. (rim shot)

But seriously, it's on a hill, not surrounded by a moat and guarded by wizards and dragons! Cows can walk up hills! They aren't goats, granted; but for Jane's sake! They heard cows in the ALPS! I'm not sure if I should blame education, factory farming, or just too much beer. Why? Why is this guy baffled by cows climbing a hill? And more pressingly, why? Why does it irritate me so much that he's baffled?

@I'm not owning this comment--
A friend who claims he once met Cochrane says we need to cut him some slack. A while back he smoked some strange looking grass and still sees pigs flying. Trying to figure out how cows can walk up a hill must have really hung him up.

@I'm not owning this comment

Not only have I "heard" cows in many places, but I have two Border collies who herd cows.

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