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September 17, 2019


Airbnb renter finds snake inside toilet of Texas home

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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No fair! They made ME pay extra for that!

THAT is not a garter snake. Not even a Texas garter snake.


The Airbnb renter received a note from the homeowners:

"Thank you for mentioning the snake in the toilet. An emotional support snake is always included at no additional charge. Again, we thank you for your business and please enjoy your stay in Texas."

If we were talking about an airline, that snake would cost you an extra $ 12.00.

maryqos is right. That's far too massive a body to be a garter snake, and the markings are all wrong.

Given the markings and the shape of the head, I'd say it's a boa or python visiting from Florida.

Again, kill it, kill it, kill it! Then burn the house down just in case it had any friends staying over.

I'm with maryqos and Rod. That's no garter snake.

Given the size and the shape of the head it Looks James Carville.

I'm sure no snake expert, but what does a copperhead look like?

Usually you find toilet snakes in the plumbing supplies aisle. Most rentals don't come with them, because they can get stuck with improper use.

Frank, this snake is too fat, with too long a head to be a copperhead. The copperhead will have the triangular head characteristic of all the pit vipers. It also doesn't have the right markings. Copperheads have hourglass or broken hourglass markings, except for the ones in west Texas. And trust me, I'd know if that's what it was.

I still think it's a Florida Invasive Python.

"Snakes...why'd it have to be snakes?"

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