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September 29, 2019


Too much exercise could lead to you making bad decisions, study finds

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Too much beer does the same. Perhaps there is a middle ground.

I knew it!

I guess my decisions will go unchallenged.

Probably explains why joggers choose to run in traffic rather than on the sidewalk.

People are always pushing other people to exercise. I. myself, put a new toilet in the bathroom and named it,"Jim."
This way I can honestly say I go to the Jim every day.

This will NEVER be a problem for me.

Treadmills get you nowhere!

No mention of the correlation of being stupid.

Is walking from the recliner to the refrigerator too much ? Asking for a friend.

@ Clankie - If you want to include walking to and from the John that might just be pushing it. At least that's my experience.
(I once considered cutting a hole in my recliner and adding a bucket and replacing my end table with a 24" reefer.)

Too much stress, of any kind, causes the brain to not perform at 100%? Who woulda thunk?

This pretty much explains the guys in the NFL, NBA, etc.

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