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September 30, 2019


Four hundred and thirty-three people named Nigel converged on a Worcestershire pub on Sunday to “celebrate Nigelness”.

(Thanks to Doug Ogg, John Lobert and Allen at Division)


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And not one full mouth of teeth in the lot

Key quote: "It was peak Nigel."

Also loved the landlord's assertion that Nigel is a great name "once you grow into it."

Making Plans for Nigel.

Not that I have ever seen or heard this before, but a friend sent it and those non-geezers on the blog might know it.

This event is also known as "Sunday."

Do you suppose it went like that Captain Morgan's commercial? "Nigel." "Nigel." "Nigel." (Long pause.) "Nigel!"

I can sympathize.

When they have Elliot night, does that mean everyone celebrates Elliot Ness ?

Next they will probably have a night for people who are Randy. It will be arousing.

This is the most British thing I've read all year.

The event concluded with a Spinal Tap concert.

Ralph, a friend who was once stationed in Korea told me that when the local prostitutes asked what your name was, you'd tell them "Ralph". Koreans can't pronounce the "R", "L", or "F" sounds, so the prostitutes would give up and leave you alone.

Of course, this does assume that's what you wanted....

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