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September 16, 2019


California woman eats engagement ring in her sleep

(Thanks to EricY and Veee)


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She was relieved to have gastro surgery? She must have much better insurance than I do.

They keep saying "surgery" but it wasn't. I wouldn't call an upper endoscopy fun, exactly, but there is no cutting involved, and when you wake up from the anesthesia, you just go home, in this case with your ring.

My wife and nursecindy both suggest she take the ring off and put it away at night from now on.

Those things taste a lot better with some salt.

Maybe her fiancé got the ring from a vending machine at Chuck E. Cheese.

Good thing she didn't sleepwalk around the bed and dream she was Lorena Bobbitt.

If she'd died, how would she have been made that she'd died?

Actually I think she should lock everything up before she goes to bed. I also agree with Jeff about the surgery part. If anyone wants to know exactly how it's done just let me know! I live to serve.

Things like this just happens. There was guy here in Geezer Acres who drank a lot of tequila. He went to bed and dreamed he was choking down a huge marshmallow. When he woke up he couldn't find his pillow.

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