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September 16, 2019


Smell of natural gas prompts school evacuation, turns out to be rotting cookies

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Surprised that the odor wasn't strongest after lunch. They only said it was rotting cookies, but we know better. It was "natural" gas.

Buffalo Springfield eluded to this incident in their song when they harmonized, "I think it's time we stop, children, what's that smell
Everybody look what's going down

It's comforting to see another form of natural gas getting some bad press.

The chef needs to bathe more often.

The 'protein bars' probably started the rotten odor. Most good cookie recipes keep just about forever if stored properly. Now I may have to bake a batch of gingerbread cookies (they really do keep forever) or maybe an old neighbor's recipe for North Shore cookies (they survived in their lake cabin from season to season).


And the school was going to give these to the kids?

Then again, they were probably lucky the school wasn't serving leftover government cheese (now THERE'S something for the geezer brigade!).

In order to "rot", they must have been made with some kind of vegetable or other rottable substance. So they were inedible anyway.

Yeah, "rotting cookies" isn't a term you hear too often.
Usually its "rotting meat" or "rotting bodies" or....

We call the vegetable drawer in the fridge 'The Rotter.'
No matter what you store there, when you remember to use whatever it was, it's rotted.

Of course with kale, how can you tell?

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