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September 24, 2019


Today, along with many other world leaders, I am in New York City to celebrate the publication date of A Field Guide to the Jewish People, a book I co-wrote with my friends Adam Mansbach and Alan Zweibel, who are actually Jewish. Tonight at 7:30 the three of us will be talking about the book at the 92nd Street Y. Tomorrow night at 7:30 Adam and I  will be in Huntington to appear at the Long Island Litfest. Thursday at 7:30 all three of us will be at the Marcus JCC in Atlanta. So come out and see us already! Don’t be a schmuck! Oh vey! Etc.! 


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there is no 2 - judi would be fired, except that she is retired

Will Lucy be there? I assume she's been taking Yiddish for Dogs, right?

Will there be bagels...?

I read somewhere, rhymes with Bamazon, the full color closeup fold out photograph of Streisand fully nude nose is included with the purchase price? Looking forward to getting my hands on that adult literature gift.

Just out of curiosity, any other Blog readers been having any issues being redirected to a bogus "tech support" page when attempting to access the Blog lately? I've had it happen a few times now, despite several layers of supposed 'protection' in my browser.

Let's see. Barry Manilow is Jewish, and Dave co-wrote a book (finally!) about Jewish people. I see a huge connection there....

Ron G, yes, I got a hijacked page a minute ago. I'm using Chrome.

Ron G & Guin,
Guys: Download MalwareBytes and run it!

No actual problems here as a result of it, just a minor annoyance now and then.

I'm feeling left out because I haven't been redirected and I'm using Chrome too! Maybe it's because I already have Malware Bites installed along with two anti-virus programs. I'm a little paranoid.

Bamazon said my copy is on the way. I can't wait!

Malwarebytes free scans for malware and it is great. MB premium protects from intrusions real time but you gotta pay. MB does not slow down your computer like Norton and other AV's. I pay for our important office computers. I also use Ghostery (Free) on all my computersb to block trackers. Works really well.

Ghostery.com click on install. Blocks unwanted trackers. I highly recommend Ghostery have used it on all my computers for many years.

Ghostery free trackers blocker here.

This by you is a field guide? No taxonomy, no breeding habits, no distinguishing physical characteristics, no mating calls?

You expected maybe left field? Bring me a shrubbery.

I have found the secret of great matzo balls: Lift the lid of the pot. Adds some texture. But decreases your life expectancy, if your family is like mine.

I've not yet had the pleasure of reading your "Field Guide to the Jewish People," but I intuit a missed opportunity. Since the name of G-d only has consonants — such as YHWH — there's a decent chance her actual name is YeeHawWooHoo. Should've consulted me. I rest my case.

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