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September 26, 2019


Lawyer dumps human feces on steps of Las Vegas City Hall

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Without lowering his briefs ?

I thought craps were popular in Vegas?

Could we say the lawyer stepped in it?

Mr. Gillock is my hero.

Note: I'm tired of picking of Little Cease's pizza boxes filled with feces. Eat and run like you don't know.

I'm sure the tactic will work about as well as it does in San Francisco.

As nouns the difference between faeces and feces
is that faeces is (uk) solid or semi-solid waste material from the digestive process of an animal, discharged through the bowels; excrement while feces is (us. canada) digested waste material discharged from the bowels; excrement.

However you say it; be sure you don't step in it.

Looks like arbitration failed.

He is number one at number two.

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