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September 23, 2019


California woman caught pushing $6,000 worth of stolen quarters in baby stroller, police say

(Thanks to pharmaross and Doug Ogg)


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One roll of quarters ($10) weighs 1/2 pound, so $6000 in quarters would be .. 300 lbs.? Thankfully she didn't try to use the excuse that her 'baby' was just big boned or had a full diaper.

I don't know, MOTW. My kid was normal sized, but I'd swear he filled his diaper up that much a few times. Babies are super-powered when it comes to defecation.

that's a well made stroller

When I first saw the headline I assumed she'd robbed a laundromat or a payphone. Who keeps $6000 in quarters around their house?
Rod, how many of those loaded diapers did you change?

Cindy, it seemed like billions. But my memory is admittedly poor due to the trauma produced by the Great Living Room Explosion. It took three of us over an hour to undo that damage....

Rod---It could have been much worse if you had invited Mr. Creosote to dinner.

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