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September 29, 2019


Burial of a 21-year-old Sakubva man was delayed for more than five hours as relatives quarrelled and exchanged blows over his wife’s undergarment that had been placed in his coffin last Thursday at Yoevil cemetery in Mutare.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Sakubva? Mutare? Apparently, we are talking Zimbabwe here.

I'm sure they worked it all at over pizza and skeeball at Chuck E. Cheese's.

Thanks for looking up the location for me Jeff. I've never heard of any of these places. I wonder what kind of undergarment we're talking about?

If the wife's undergarment was a hot pink thong with another woman's initials on it, that could help explain the dustup. But why they held the service in Klingon is a mystery.

"A fight ensued between the two parties, with the coffin being lowered into the grave and retrieved four times as the two families bitterly disagreed.

On a number of occasions, the coffin was opened as the deceased’s relatives took out the undergarment but Patricia’s relatives would place them back against the will of the Mutseketerwa’s relatives."

We need time-lapse video of this scene accompanied by Yakety-Sax.

Excellent idea, Ralph. My last request is similar - sprinkle my ashes in a Victoria's Secret.

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