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September 12, 2019


Deadly Hallucinogenic Plant Blooming in Columbus Avenue Bike Lane Divider

(Thanks to Ralph, and Bill Hudgins)


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Attention chef at Trump Tower.

Audrey III?

Time for a congressional junket to investigate.

Jimson weed is apparently fairly common. Oleander is a deadly poisonous flowering thorny plant used for landscaping and fences here in the Southwest. All parts of an oleander are very poisonous, yet goats can eat it with no problem.
Any plant such as Jimson weed that will do in a goat needs to be eradicated by any means available.

They're just seeing things

The NYC DOT has been contacted, so I'm sure it'll be taken care of soon.

Le Pet, I have oleanders and yaupons because they're the only things the deer won't eat. Those critters are just rats with antlers.

Rod--Few people realize just how deadly those beautiful oleanders actually are. A good friend married a nurse from India. She said that in her native country oleanders are the way many women cook up a dish to get shed of an abusive husband. All parts of the plant from the flowers to the roots are highly poisonous.
I know a writer who had a pair of gay hitmen serve a tasty rhubarb/oleander pie to "clients."

And he hasn't sold that idea to HBO or Netflix or somebody yet?

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