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September 23, 2019


Do NOT click here.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Incidents like this never makes the news here in Flathead County.

Waiting for Nursecindy to check in with more horrendous examples...

Wait...he got it in there SIDEWAYS?!

The link had "bloke needs surgery after ...". I followed Dave's advice.

Don't even. Now when she walks by rumor has it she makes this sound.

I didn't click here. Disregard the previous post.

I should have listened to Dave's warning.

I am definitely not going to read nursecindy's Tales From the Emergency Room if it involves anything in someone's penis.

Dear blog guys,
Dave wasn't kidding. Do NOT click on that link although it does have some interesting pictures.
Pogo, I never saw anything like that in the ER thank goodness. I saw plenty of other weird things in another opening but never anything like this.

Maybe he had a head cold and just wanted to take its temperature...

Maybe posted this before but years ago and in a different state (large and west of FL) a gentleman was watching porn while somehow pleasuring himself with a loaded pistol......until he put a bullet right through...well you can guess....

@maryqos---At least that dude won't have prostate problems.

@maryqos - If you lack firearms training, you should never cock your gun and vice versa...

Hovers mouse over link.

"Bloke needs surgery after getting..."


Broke bloke chokes....Nope!Not going there!

You need to strengthen your standard warning...

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