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September 29, 2019


RCMP arrest groom for allegedly stealing bike en route to wedding reception

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Dave, I bet he's smacking himself that he didn't think of that excuse.

Police thought this guy was acting crazy on his wedding day and ordered a mental examination.

He was determined to be a cycle-path.

Free-wheelin' man
needed wheels to get to church
as fast as he can

his brain was fogged and his vision was fuzzy
from toot and other stuff as well
his bride was waiting in a frenzy
but the groom wasn't at the church. was he?

the bike he stole blew a tire
and attracted the cops ire
some nice people in white coats put him in a jacket
that laced tightly up his spine.

Now free-wheelin' man had a reason
for missing something he can barely recall
but his bride will always remember it well
saying their vows from two different cells

The mounties had no choice but to do right.

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