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September 10, 2019


Man Dressed As Elmo Accused Of Groping Teen In Times Square

(Thanks to Mark Schlesinger and Asher Scheiner)


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For those of you who have never had the pleasure of a visit to Times Square, believe me, there is nothing creepier than being surrounded by a group of people dressed as Elmo, Dora the Explorer, Minnie Mouse, etc. posing for pictures with tourists and their kids. Worse is when they take their heads off. I'm always surprised that ICE doesn't start their roundup there, because believe me, no one in this country legally would take this gig.

The same thing is going on at Home Depot with characters dressed as solar power salesmen.

"How much is your electric bill?"

"I don't want to buy any."

"Can I fell you up before I let you go?"

He just wanted to tickle her.

Also, as nursecindy mentioned (in an email) there are the "desnudas" - topless women covered only in body paint, who also pose for pictures for tips, and God help you if you try and take their picture without paying. Honestly, sometimes Times Square feels exactly like the Las Vegas Strip.

(If you are interested, just Google "Times Square topless women." The Sun and others will give you an eyeful.)

And stay away from the Nookie Monster.

“This is Times Square. Quirky is fine. Creepy is not. That’s what we’ve always said.”

Oh Really. I seem to remember it a bit differently. My first visit to Times Square in the 1970s was definitely "creepy".

A friend here in Roswell,Geezer Acres tells me that after being abducted by space aliens and probed by robots, visiting Times Square is nothing to write home about.

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