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September 09, 2019


The World Famous Lawn Rangers once again marched in the Arcola (Ill.) Broom Corn Festival Saturday, and as usual astonished the crowd with their machine-like precision lawnmower-and-broom maneuvers. Here's a YouTube video that was shot by The Amazing Steve, who was somehow able to keep his hands steady despite the awesomeness he was witnessing. This blog appears at about the 3:00 mark, wearing a dark cowboy-style hat.


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It was tremendous. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. They mowed in fairly straight lines and everything.

I've seen a lot of parades including full dress military parades. But none of them had the level of precision that is displayed in this video. Kudos to the Lawn Rangers.

I was hoping to see Johnny Preston.

The Lawn Rangers have quite a sizeable group. It was thrilling really
something else to watch that video.

There must be subtle differences between a "cowboy-style hat" and a "cowboy hat."

I've seen high school marching bands with fewer members. You looked great. I especially liked how you all stopped for a full ten seconds for mental review before performing your next routine.

Excellent. Not since "Stripes" have I seen such military precision.
All that's missing is an attendant following the brigade with a shovel, to clean up any "accidents"...

The Further Adventures of the Lawn Ranger and his Faithful Companion Toro.

I did not watch the video. My doctor said my blood pressure was slightly elevated and advised that I not participate in any strenuous venues.


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