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September 12, 2019


Beer-drinking man arrested after firing gun at his oven at apartment complex

(Thanks to Rick Day)


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Totally justified if the apple crumble in his frozen dinner didn't crisp up properly.

How is he supposed to keep the beer cold with that oven heating the place up?

His original excuse sounds half baked to me.

A mine I was managing in Utah was closed for Thanksgiving. I had a call from one of the miners that he needed a ride to the ER. Terrible Terry was his nickname and he was standing in his underwear when I got there. Terry was a mass of red blisters and he kept cussing out his oven. It seems that Terrible had consumed way too much alcohol and had placed an entire turkey in the oven without taking it out of the plastic wrapper. When he checked later on, the turkey had blown up like a balloon. Terry just stabbed it with a knife and the exploding, boiling turkey and juice hit him full on.
Terry wasn't hurt bad, but the ribbing he got about the exploding turkey wouldn't stop. Yep, ovens sometimes need shooting.

By saying he "fired a gun at his oven" are they really saying that he missed? I hope he didn't hit the Chinese food delivery guy two blocks away.

Now that's illegal too?

Le Pet, did he later find work as a helicopter pilot in Cincinnati?

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