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September 11, 2019


A homeless man in Florida went on a car vandalism spree Monday, smashing at least 20 vehicles before getting tired and falling asleep on a nearby bench. When questioned by authorities, he said it happened because President Donald Trump "owes me one trillion dollars."

(Thanks to Rick Day)


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I've always wondered if Ernest T. Bass had any grandchildren. I don't think I've ever seen anyone fall asleep during a mug shot.

OK, so let's say Don pays him the trillion. How long will take for him to blow all of it?

I put the over/under at eight months.

20 windows ? No wonder he's exhausted. Call the Guiness Book.

Get in line

Justin James Wilson ==>
Just jail me, sins own

Your check is in the mail.

Dude, I've lived in the same city as Trump my entire life (until the last two years), so I get priority.

A trillion dollars? Wow! Hopefully congress can appoint a committee to look into these allegations.

What was it that Spock used to say? "
Logical, Captain, simply logical."

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