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September 11, 2019


95-year-old can't renew his driver's license unless he can prove he was born

(Thanks to Rod Nunley)


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Someone can relate.

In some states, a birth certificate is detrimental to getting a license or registering to vote.

My mother is the same age as the guy in the story, and she doesn't have a birth certificate, either, because the courthouse burned down a few years after she was born.

In the 1970s, she had to submit all sorts of affidavits from the county in order to get a passport. But she did.

Never any problem with a driver's license though. She worked at the B-24 plant, and the DPS came out and gave driving tests there. She passed, even though she backed into a police car. They needed people to get to work, so everybody passed, no matter what.

I recently went through getting a passport from the State Department. I had to apply for and eventually obtain a birth certificate issued from the state where I was born. When I applied for the passport I was asked by a mail carrier who processed the application a bunch of official questions that included:

"It's not me asking, it's the office staff at the State Dept specifically, Shelly, asking where do you plan on going?"


"I don't know if you can say, nowhere, but I'll put it there and see what happens."

"Now, the person you gave as a personal reference, you can not use that person if you plan to travel with them."


I eventually got my passport costing me in total about $200. I consider it totally worth it as opposed to standing around all day at the DMV to get a REAL ID.

The guy in the story has a great attitude especially for being 95 years old. Surely someone at the State Dept. can help this man solve the problem. Maybe Shelly?

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