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September 26, 2019


Person planning to float to Kentucky on log rescued from Mississippi River

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Dave? You didn't get caught up in that Area 51 thing, did you?

As for the article ...

A guy tries to lower is carbon footprint and gets nothing but grief.

Sinkin' in the lazy river
by the ole mill run
he was only trying to have some fun
now he's sinkin' in a lazy river
by the old mill run
when he made the bet
his mind was in a fog
now he's up a lazy river
falling off a log

He was just exercising an alternative, given that he'd originally booked the trip with Thomas Cook.

A 5* Snork@ Rod Nunley. Good one!

Fun with Unicode...

I love "strongly encouraged."

How many times was he tased.

Just until tender, Jeff.

Mercator mentioned the use of natural logs in Logarithmotechnia, published in 1668. However, I don't think this is how he intended them to be used for navigation.

On a different note, copy and paste the unicode into Google for a translation.

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