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September 20, 2019


Guy Fakes Walking on the Moon in Protest of Giant Potholes on the Road

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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If he really wanted to make a statement he'd do it as a Bollywood dance production.

Following that logic, maybe we could send him to Washington and get him to dress in an exterminator outfit and film himself on the steps of Congress.

Stix, instead of an exterminator outfit, I'm think more along the lines of swapping the astronaut suit for what the Martians in "Mars Attacks!" had. Then he could vaporize all of them.

Rod Nunley--Did the Martians finally develop a defense against Slim Whitman songs?

What a great idea ! I live in "Mayor Pete's" town and we have lots of these....

Le Pet, since it would be an earthling impersonating a Martian, that wouldn't be a problem. Unless he just didn't like Slim, I suppose....

Did painting penii on them fall out of fashion?

If he's really walking on the moon WHY IS THE FLAG MOVING IN THE WIND!?!?!? Oh wait....

Conspiracy theorists are already claiming the potholes are fake.

Great way to explain our thoughts keep it up and try to give more informative thoughts.

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