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September 23, 2019


Authorities said in an attempt to save herself, the woman bit the testicles of the camel so it would jump off of her.

A more detailed account is here, featuring a defense of the camel.

(Thanks to Ralph, Bill Hudgins, pharmaross, Alkali Bill, Steve Pudlo, Janice Gelb, Brian Peterson and Allen at Division)


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After that maiming incident, they changed the camel's name to Hump-free.


There is an old Grosse Tete proverb that goes something like, "Beware of tossing dog treats near a dromedary."

People used to have to walk a mile for a Camel. That's understandable. Once someone chomps down on their testicles, any smart male camel wouldn't stop running until it was at least a mile away from that idiot.

This is so Louisiana.

Don't even. Now when she walks by rumor has it she makes this sound.

It happened in Louisiana, but that was Florida Woman.

Midnight at the oasis
Bite your camel's gonads

Poor Caspar. For some reason I think the husband threw the treats into the enclosure because he wanted to either get rid of the woman's dog or the woman.

The camel did nothing wrong.

The moronic couple, on the other hand, are the ones who should be penned up.

Some people claim smoking a camel can cause cancer. I really don't know why anyone would smoke a camel when pork ribs are so good.

I never tire of reading news from Grosse Tete

UPDATE: Truck stop owner: Camel bit in testicles should be okay because Florida woman had no teeth.

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